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5 Myths and Related Facts About India Tribal Care Trust

Myths are actually miscalculations or rather misconceptions that people gather or acquire due to ignorance. On many occasions, people listen to others and trust them with closed eyes. This is yet another reason that strengthens the roots of misconception. People go far away from the truth after they become the victims of misconceptions and myths. When it comes to knowing and supporting India tribal care trust, having faith in such initiatives becomes a necessity.


In such a moment, having misconceptions in the initiatives can damage the interest. When the success rate for ISCKON India tribal care is going higher and higher, then there should be no space for any kind of misconception. While developing any idea about these initiatives, you must overcome those misconceptions at any cost. The following are a few misconceptions and the truth related to them:


Myth #1: These initiatives are often not genuine.

Truth: If you are talking about the Indian tribal care trust initiative, then such myths are not correct at all. Usually, most of the NGOs, including the India tribal care trust NGO, working for the welfare of the tribal people needs to undergo a stringent phase of documentation. The governments take very stringent actions to complete all the norms before an NGO starts functioning. So, any chance of ingenuity does not arise.


Myth #2: The trusts do not follow the necessary norms.

Truth:  Any such myths about the Indian tribal care trust (ITCT) can be a poor thing to do. As a matter of fact, the governments, at both levels, are very serious about completing all the norms when they provide permissions to the NGOs working for the tribal people. These organizations and their activities are always put under special scanners to maintain 100% sanctity in their activities. The NGOs are compelled to follow all the norms and then report to the respective departments of the governments, both at the center and at the respective states.


Myth #3: The NGOs do not maintain transparency.

Truth: On many occasions, the critics find some issues with the working patterns of India tribal care trust in India. But those critics are seldom successful in proving their point. On the other hand, the tribal care trusts always face some stringent conditions as they work under some adverse conditions that they cannot overcome if they fail to maintain the transparency level of their functioning.


Myth #4: The Indian tribal NGO often involves in religious conflicts.

Truth: Well, many allegations of this type have been reported against a few NGOs in India and abroad. As far as the truthfulness in those allegations is concerned, nothing has been proved. So, it is better to be positive and have faith in the fact that falsehood and treachery can never be hidden for long. If you cannot prove those blame, then it is better to ignore them for the welfare of the tribal people.


Myth #5: The NGOs give birth to social injustice.

Truth:  Again, this is 100% falsehood and there can be no fact in it. The basic principle of such organizations is to minimize the chances of social injustice. The India tribal care trust works hard to put things right, so it cannot think about or practice anything that goes against the guidelines that the trust follows.  Indian tribal are serious about keeping indiscipline and any such activities under control.


The Bottom Line:

While considering any type of idea about the Indian tribal then you must be very careful about getting in touch with the experts so that you overcome all the misconceptions right at the source. Having them is never desirable at all.

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