An Overview of the project

Janaksuta project is situated at Ajyodhya hill in Purulia District of West Bengal. In this hill there are more than 60 tribal villages where about 3000 tribal families are living. They are mostly belongs to Santal tribe, Munda tribe and Bhumij tribe.

ITCT first came here during the year 2016 and started activities of taking care of education of tribal children. Health and education facilities are very poor here. The gradually ITCT developed Pathsala in 20 different tribal villages.

During the year of 2018 ITCT bought a piece of land by the contribution of Rama Chakraborty. By his financial help and help from Sri Rameswar das ITCT built one school building on this land. Now Bhakti Vedanta National School is running here.

Recently ITCT has opened a vocational center here from where tribal people are learning tailoring and computer course. There is very nice prayer hall where village ladies gather every evening to chant their prayers. They also hold different festival here.

It is believed by local people Lord Ramachandra once had visited here along with Sita Devi and Brother Laxman. There is a stream fountain here where water flows through out the year. It is believed by local people that Mother Sita devi used to take bath here during her visit. This water fountain is called as Sita Kunda. Because Lord Ram had stayed here that’s why this hill area is call as Ayodhya .

Because of importance of Sita Devi visit and stay here ITCT has given this project name as “Janakasuta project”. This project is fully dedicated for providing services to all tribal people living here for their overall developments.

Bhaktivedanta National School – Purulia

Under Janakasuta Project, ITCT is running a school for the educational development of the poor tribal community. School started in January 2019. There are classes from KG to Class-2. Till now there are 106 tribal students are admitted in the school. ITCT is in now constructing class rooms for higher classes. There are 6 teachers and 3 other staffs are engaged by ITCT. The teachers and staffs are local people and ITCT is paying them remunerations and thus ITCT is providing them financial help. ITCT is going to open further higher classes for these poor tribal students.


Under Janakasuta Project, ITCT is running 18 Pathashalas (Coaching Centers) in 18 different villages in Ajodhya Hill area. There are 983 students taking free education and local boys and girls are engaged as teachers for these children and ITCT gives each teacher remuneration for their services. Thus they get help from ITCT for livelihood. ITCT has engaged around 40-45 teachers for educating poor tribal children. Along with regular school books, students are taught about their culture, moral teachings, character building and spiritual subject matter. This year ITCT is going to add 10 more Pathashalas in the Ajodhya Hill area.

Blanket Distribution

The blanket distribution program is meant to provide blankets among poor tribal people. Generally in the tribal area during the winter season, there the weather is very cold and these poor tribal people cannot afford to purchase a good quality blanket to get rid of a cold in the winter season. ITCT is trying to reach out to these needy tribal people and help them in their crisis.