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Challenges Faced by India Tribal Care Trust for Tribal Welfare Program

Right after the independence of the country in 1947, the governments in India have paid serious attention to the welfare of the tribal people living in various parts of the country. Unfortunately, the outcome of this effort is not up to the mark. Due to this, the tribal people are still facing massive socio-economic troubles. These problems are too severe for the tribal people to overcome. As a result, these people are still facing some uncontrollable issues.


To bring respite to these people, the government of India and the respective state governments formed the Charitable launched different welfare programs for tribal. In a similar manner, there are NGOs like India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) that has been working hard and are mainly involved in finding and implementing programs that aim at the upliftment of these people in various places, including Purulia, Jhargram, Bankura, Jalpaiguri, Hailakandi, Ambassa, North Tripura.

NGOs like ITCT often face some severe challenges. Some of these challenges include the following:


Education of the tribal children:

Providing education has been a priority and the ITCT is working rather hard. The problems mostly occur in the tribal areas where schools are not available in plenty. Additionally, the schools do not have adequate infrastructure. Most importantly, the schools do not get dedicated teachers who can take individual care of the kids. Despite serious work in this domain, the problems still exist.


Cooperation from the tribal people:

The most prominent reason for this challenge is the poor awareness among the tribal community. They often do not understand the real benefits of the welfare programs that non-government organizations like India Tribal Care Trust initiates. This lack of awareness has emerged as a stringent challenge that ITCT is facing these days.


Lack Of Funds:

Though the governments claim to allocate sizable funds for running the tribal welfare programs, the tribal people do not get the advantages. The experts believe that political and administrative issues are the sole reason for the lack of funds. Still, the India Tribal Care Trust in Assam, Jharkhand, Tripura, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana has come up with some positive alternatives. India Tribal Care Trust has been successful in implementing its programs as well.


Issues Related to The Land:

Since tribal people are mostly involved in agriculture and animal rearing, they need land as they do not have any. The prominent tribal welfare trust in Kolkata West Bengal and other states complain about the political issues that prevent allocating land for these landless farmers. It is reported 65% of the tribal population is without land. Though many land reforms have been reported in the past, the condition still continues to be grim.


Lack of Government Involvement:

Though the tribal care trust has been serious about carrying out its responsibilities, the lack of government involvement has been a major issue that often results in some kind of irregularities. Due to these, the tribal people fail to get the right benefits of the programs that have been initiated for their welfare and growth.


Lack of Health Facilities:

It is yet another massive challenge that most of the tribal areas in the country are facing right from independence. The tribal areas do not have adequate hospitals or health centers. In some areas, these centers exist but they do not have qualified doctors. Due to this, the tribal people need to depend on the quack doctors or to rely on supernatural practices. Both are not at all good for them.


The Bottom Line;

It is true that the Charitable Trust in Kolkata ITCT has been doing a good job to implement the programs for tribal welfare. Still, the trust talks about some of these challenges that need to be sorted out sincerely. Similar initiatives are needed for the success of the welfare programs that these organizations are running in the backward districts in various states in India.

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