How to Reach

Diphu is well connected by road from Guwahati and Dimapur and once can also reach Diphu by train which is 4-5 hours journey from Guwahati, the state capital of Assam. The road distance is 213 kms and the distance from Dimapur is 55 km.


The Karbi Anglong state has a huge variety of tribes and the majority of the popular are tribals which include tribes from Karbis, Bodos, Kukis, Dimasas, Garos, Nagas, and other ethnic tribes.

Bhaktivedanta National School

India Tribal Care Trust has been running a pathshala in Diphu since 2016. But over a period of times, the building became old and needed renovation and expansion with the increasing number of students. Last year, after the lockdown, ITCT started constructing the new school building in Diphu in a new location right beside the temple. Now the new school building has 4 rooms for the primary section. The school was very much by the local Karbi communities as there is only 1 Govt. school in the locations.

Prayer Hall

There is a large community hall in the Diphu and the local Karbis gather for prayer, events and ceremonies every weekend. They also organize social events in the hall and then the Karbi communities come together and celebrate the events.

Water Tank

Like many tribal areas, this place in Diphu also have a scarcity of water and also ITCT built a clean water reservoir to meet the water requirement of the village. ITCT has been building water reservoirs in many tribal villages where there is a scarcity of water and this has proved to be very helpful especially for the tribal women who earlier had to spend hours walking to the river or spring and collect water.

Land Owned by ITCT

ITCT is grateful to Lorence Rongri who donated the land to build a new school for the Karbi tribes. Being a person of the same tribe he realizes the importance of educating the children for their brighter future. He contacted ITCT after seeing its tribal welfare activities and decided to donate his land to build a school. Now the land has been officially named in the name of ITCT by ADC.

Lorence Rongri