Educational causes

Illiteracy is a vital barrier to the tribes. To remove this barrier from the tribal community, we have established more than 100 pathshalas in tribal villages. The free education concept has encouraged tribal families to send their children to school.

Moreover, ITCT provides education scholarships to meritorious students of tribal schools. The scholarship would inspire these students to pursue a higher education course. Recently, our team has opened schools in Ajodhya Hill, Purulia, and Anandabazar, North Tripura. For providing the opportunity of free education, we supply the tribal students with books, stationery, and uniforms.

Thus, for all types of educational needs of tribal children, ITCT has come forward. With the proper arrangement of the classroom and overall infrastructure, we have ensured the best educational development of tribes.

Schools for Tribal Children

We are committed to enrich each and every tribal area with properly estabhlished school premises. Where childrens are provided with free education.

Informal Primary School

Patshala, is a unit of India Tribal Care (ITCT) Trust which is meant to cater education to poor tribal children specially in the area where there is very poor facilities for education.

Sponsoring & Scholarships

We envision a pleasing, prosperous, healthy, educated and culturally rich life for tribal communities built on moral foundations and appropriate technologies that can sustain and nurture future generations and prevent the destruction of tribal culture by modern materialism.

Mid-day Meals

Inspired by the teachings of Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada India Tribal Care Trust works to uplift the physical, social and cultural well being of tribal communities throughout India while enabling the preservation of traditional values of harmony with God and nature.


ITCT has build hostels to accommodate poor and needy childrens.