Healthcare causes

Lack of proper healthcare facilities has prevented lots of tribes from living a better life. ITCT has realized the importance of addressing the health issues of the tribal population. Our team works with different medical volunteers, who actively take part in the healthcare program for helping the tribes in India. We have supplied tribal families with free first-aid kits.

Besides, we have organized healthcare seminars to let the tribes know about different diseases. Thus, we have a mission of educating these tribes to inspire them in taking care of health. As we have a goal of restoring the health of the tribal community, we distribute free medicines to the backward section of the society.

Medical Camps

Generally Tribal Village are located in very remote places. These people have no access to nearby medical services, Same time doctors do not prefer to visit remote places. At this situation to hold medical camp where tribal people can get treatment facilities in their village , is very important. India Tribal Care Trust committed to provide medical care facilities at the door step to each and every tribal people.

First-Aid Kit Distribution

Tribal villages which are located far from towns. Those have no pharmacy for buying medicines for immediate primary treatment. Tribal People has no access to get medicines. India tribal care trust arranged to keep first aid kits with basic medicines for tribal villages.

Homeopathic Treatment

In tribal villages generally we don’t find any homeopathy doctors and medicines. But India tribal care trust is trying to arrange homeopathy doctors for patients and give homeopathy medicines among tribals.

Health Awareness Camps

 It has been observed there is great lack of health awareness among the tribal people , many places there are exposed to mosquito bytes , drinking polluted waters and eating unhealthy food . To resolve this problem ITCT arranges health awareness camps at different tribal area.

Ambulance Service​

There are tribal villages which are located far form any available medical services due to lack of proper transporatation, In emergeny cases tribal people is unable to too reach suitable hospitals. To adresss this proplem ITCT has started amblulance service at different location.