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How Does Charitable Trust In Kolkata Work For Tribal Welfare Work?

The social activists in India and abroad have shown tremendous interest when it comes to conducting research to find out the real reasons for the backwardness of the tribal areas in India. They agree to one point that talks about insincere and insufficient efforts from the governments since the independence. They are of the view that the governments did not think about long-term programs that could have improved their life and lifestyle.


In recent years, the governments have come up with constructive programs that they have shared with various registered NGOs and charitable organizations that have the willingness to do something for the tribal people. The formation of the India Tribal Care Trust is a positive step towards bettering the life of the people dwelling in the tribal areas.


The unique success of the charitable trust for tribal, India Tribal Care Trust has been working well in the last few years. The trust has come up with constructive efforts that the organizations in some other states, like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Assam, Odisha, Tripura, and Andhra Pradesh, have accepted as models.


The charitable trust in Kolkata has adopted some creative measures that involve governments, government agencies, private organizations, and various industrialists that have a strong willingness to uplift the living conditions of the poor, especially in the tribal areas across the country. The trust is working at the grass-root level so that the tribal people get the real advantages of their initiatives.


When it comes to getting approval for various programs, the organization seeks the assistance of the central and state government. Though most of the permissions for health, education, and employment come from the governments, so ITCT works in close cooperation with the government and various agencies that work under the government. Getting specialized education and health are the primary concerns of these trusts. Here, the role of the government of West Bengal also becomes very significant.


Sanction Of Funds And Land For The Tribal People:

Both funds and land are two critical factors that are very much needed for the success of various types of programs, including the ones related to health. The permission for both comes from the various allocations of the government, both at the center and the state. The task is obviously not easy as these organizations work hard to create welfare programs for tribal, produce them to the respective governments, get approval from them and then move ahead with the programs. It takes time and that is very obvious!


Involvement of the Private Organizations:

Here, these organizations feel free to form conglomerates with other NGOs that have similar programs. Quite understandably, the strength multiplies with such organizations joining hands together. They find themselves in better situations from where they can go for accomplishing bigger dreams that may involve taking the benefits to a larger number of people in the remote tribal areas as well. On many occasions, two or more such organizations combine together from different states. The success rate for their work is obviously better.


Involvement of Larger Corporate Houses:

In India, you may find a large number of corporate giants that are always ready to join hands with the registered NGOs to support their initiatives for tribal development. They are always ready to spend large sums of money that can help them so that the real advantages reach the real people.


The Conclusion:

So, you see that the non-profit charitable trusts and Non-government organizations like India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) are all set to play a major role in the real development of the country. They are working hard to accomplish their plans and programs that they dedicate wholly to the welfare of the tribal people across India.


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