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How Does The Government Cooperate With The India Tribal Care Trust?


Taking care of people belonging to all sections of the society is a responsibility that the government of the country needs to carry out sensibly. It is also the responsibility of the respective state governments to plan out everything so that everyone in the country should get enough opportunity to live and grow. However, many big reasons existed in India that restricted the welfare programs by both central and state governments from reaching the deserving people. Due to this, the tribal people are still deprived of these welfare programs.


To make things change rapidly in favor of the tribal communities, the Indian Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) has come up with the right initiatives to improve the conditions of the tribal people. Here, the success of every popular Indian tribal care initiative rests on the active participation of the governments. Actually, most of these initiatives are run by NGOs that work in close cooperation with the government departments.


The governments pick up the best NGOs locally and then cooperate with them to bring the best plans to uplift the conditions of the tribal community. The success of every Indian tribal initiative is actually a success story of this cooperative initiative. Here, both agencies play a pivotal role in determining the success rate to a greater extent!


The governments take the right plans and initiatives to ease the norms so that the NGOs work in a hassle-free manner. Most of these organizations work as a link between the government and the tribal communities that inhabit different areas in the country. The governments take the following initiatives and then inspire the Indian tribal NGOs to take the advantage to the tribal people living in different parts of the country. The following things are often taken care of by the governments that are actively implemented by the NGOs:


Provide Funds:

This is the biggest thing that the governments do. They allocate a large sum of money every year in the budget and then get the NGOs funded. The NGOs actually cannot proceed without the funds. Though these agencies have their own sources of funding, they depend a lot on government funds to a greater extent!


Government Announce Special Programs:

As said, the NGOs take up several initiatives that cannot be implemented until the government provides them the support. Here, the governments do a lot of things to the top NGOs so that they can get the right support while proceeding.


Opening Schools For Everyone:

Illiteracy has been a major reason for the continuing misery of the tribal people. To overcome this, the governments come up with the best plans to open schools in the tribal areas and then provide the right support by facilitating them with the necessary infrastructure. The NGOs monitor everything and ensure that things are maintained well in the time to come.



Building Homes For The Homeless:

The provisions of residential programs, like PMAY, is a basic program that provides homes to the homeless people, a major portion among the beneficiaries consists of the tribal people. It is a big task that needs to continue year after year to succeed in its intentions.


Finding Employment Opportunities:

Poverty has been a major reason for the continuing backwardness of the tribal people. Every organization, like India tribal care trust, runs various self-help programs that inspire the people in the tribal areas to get their own employment opportunities. It is good to mention that the NGOs are working with the ultimate sincerity level so that the tribal communities get their share without any restriction.


The Bottom Line:

Without doubts of any kind, various organizations, like the India tribal care trust in India, have been doing a magnificent job that has changed the socio-economic conditions of the people living in the remote tribal areas through various welfare programs. These organizations face all the troubles to help the people living in the remote tribal areas.

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