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How Indian Tribal Care Trust Help in Upliftment of Tribals

India is a land of diversity where people from numerous backgrounds live together. With a deep faith in the ideal of ‘Unity among diversity,’ these people live together with the perfect harmony and social synchronization. In a country like India, where no caste or creed gets any special attention, status, or significance, living in perfect coordination becomes a possibility. Still, all religions, sects, or caste do not get enough opportunity to grow and prosper. The people belonging to the scheduled tribe categories are worst affected. The India Tribal care Trust initiatives are a special program that is dedicated to working for the upliftment of the tribal people.

With a vision to create a great atmosphere for the tribal people in different parts of India, the India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) has been working with 100% dedication and devotion. The primary objective of the trust is to make these underprivileged people live with dignity so that they can enjoy their rich, prosperous, and culturally-healthy life. They have every right in the world and that is why the India Tribal Care Trust has been working with the utmost seriousness.

The Objectives Before The India Tribal Care Trust:

The India Tribal Care Trust has been fighting on multiple fronts so that it can work well to bring the right advantages to the tribal people. The following are a few objectives; the ITCT has been working rather seriously:

Education for Tribals:

Providing education has been a prominent part of the India tribal care Trust.  It builds and runs schools in the tribal areas so that the kids get the best educational advantages. The schools are not free, we charge a minimum fee per student but yes the pathshalas are free where we take of the student’s school education and also value education. ITCT runs schools, path salas, and hostels to help the students live there and get an education. It manages funds for scholarships and mid-day meals. These programs are a great success!

Health Care Service for Tribals:

Health is a primary requirement that people in the cities get quite easily. But, the tribal areas face a tremendous amount of problems that leave the people there is a complete mess. Epidemics hit these people badly rather consistently. India tribal Care Trust is such an NGO that focuses more on finding the best health care facilities for these people. They create, run, and manage health centres with some kind of participation with the governments and other NGOs.

Indian Tribal Care Trust | Tribal Child welfare NGO | Indian Tribal Care Trust
Health checkup camp for tribals by ITCT

Social Care for Indian Tribals: 

Society is the place where we are born, dwell, and grow up. The tribal society faces some issues that create terrible conditions. Sometimes these issues even become too severe for them to handle. In such a situation, finding the best remedies for all the social issues becomes a primary concern for the NGOs dedicated to the upliftment of the tribal people. The task is often not easy as the tribal people are very much serious about their social practices and they are hardly ready to accept this rather open-mindedly.  Running community centres, women empowerment, disaster relief, and protection from various social evils are a few objectives these NGOs work round-the-clock for all 365 days in a year.

Cultural Care Tribal Community:

Tribal people are very rich in terms of their cultural heritage. They hardly compromise on that ever. Here, the challenges before the India Tribal care trust in India are rather big. Making these people understand the new technology without hurting their sentiments is not easy at all.

Water Projects for Tribals Welfare:

India Tribal Care Trust believes safe and clean water is a right for every human being. Shortage of drinking water is a major factor that affects the health of tribes in India. And thus ITCT has been working dedicatedly towards ensuring an abundant supply of drinking water. Areas in Assam like Choto Jamera, Kundanala, ITCT have built water tanks to ensure constant availability of drinking water.


So, these and more are some of the prominent things that the India Tribal Care Trust has been working for the upliftment of tribal people. The objectives are apparent, and that is why the NGOs are very much capable of keeping their targets.

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