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Indian Tribal Care Trust Mobile Medical Unit

India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) is a US-based non-profit charity. They aim to support the poverty-stricken people of India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Their focus is to empower poor people through means of education and skill development, thereby making them capable of living a sustainable life. They serve beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, and color.

In January 2022, IDRF extended its support to the India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) through the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) by providing a mobile medical vehicle.

The India Tribal Care Trust is an organization that serves to provide a prosperous, healthy, educated, and culturally rich life for tribal communities. Their goal is to help maintain the tribal heritage which is becoming endangered. They have been providing education for children, health care facilities, and uplifting people’s lives with spiritual philosophy. India Tribal Care Trust is putting its time and energy into looking after the neglected communities of South Asia. They have been successful in implementing the principle of simple living and high thinking by sustaining their lives through agriculture.

Bhakti Purushottam Swami, the founder of India Tribal Care Trust, appreciated the efforts of IDRF in his own words; “Last five, six years we have been serving the tribal people. The tribal people are very neglected, the trust especially is taking care of five areas, helping tribal people find areas, health care, educational care, social care, emotional care, and spiritual care. So this is a bus, we have got a donation from America. India development and relief fund from the USA, has given this to India tribal care trust for implementation. So, we’re grateful to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.”

They aim to use this medical bus as a mobile medical clinic, where nurses, doctors, and medicines will be available. The bus is equipped with an ECG machine and oxygen. Under an emergency situation, this could be used as an ambulance to relocate people to a hospital and provide immediate care on the way.

They have already begun their free health camp on January 24th with this mobile medical van to serve people in tribal communities in Jhargram, West Bengal.

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