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Prominent Challenges Before The Tribal Care Trust Upliftment Initiative

Working for the weaker sections of the society of downtrodden people is a very challenging task. Though many people or organizations undertake such responsibilities, they often face real life problems and ultimately they quit. These problems are very big on many occasions and that is why they often leave the task. On most of the occasions, the organizations with dedication work very hard to face the challenges and sort them out. The same track is often followed by the Indian Tribal Care Trust (ITCT).

Since ITCT works exclusively for the upliftment of the tribal people that live in different parts of the country. The trust finds and decides the best Indian tribal care initiative that fights the challenges well. Here, the most prominent challenges include the following:


Shortage of Funds:

Running welfare programs for the tribal communities becomes a difficult task when the organizations face shortage of funds. Probably, it is the most stringent challenge that often make the Indian tribal upliftment initiative fall down. The trusts often fight hard to collect funds from various sources. They reach the center or the state governments for funds. Additionally, the trust also approaches the non-government organizations (NGOs) and larger organizations for donations.


Lack Of Awareness Among The People:

It is true that the tribal people are not positioned well, in terms of social, economical, and physical grounds. These people have not obtained the right care, due to which they are still unable to get the right essence of growth that other communities have experienced and obtained. Their educational backwardness is a major factor that prevents them from achieving their rights. This is one barrier that often creates challenges for the Indian tribal upliftment NGO. They often fail to make them cautious about their rights and responsibilities.


Social Backwardness:

It is a big challenge that most of the organizations, like tribal care trust in India, face. Reaching them becomes a big challenge for them. Due to this, they fail to make them to embrace the advancements in various domains. However, the government often comes up with bigger plans and policies that they utilize to show them the right way to live life. Here, educating them about their social rights becomes an important responsibility for the NGOs and other welfare organizations.


Finding Place For Living:

Many factors go together to create that challenge. The NGOs or other such organizations are often unable to manage all those factors themselves. Apart from funds, they need land and other infrastructure to build houses for tribal people. It is a big ask that that they often fail to meet. To overcome the challenge they need cooperation from government and other organizations that have similar programs to work on. Finding such things together is another challenge that is even more difficult.


Managing Health Care Facilities For The Tribal Areas:

Though healthcare is a basic requirement that the central government and the state governments try to provide to all the citizens in the country, they often fail in their intentions. Here again, many factors go together. It is true that the tribal areas have health units working there, but they lack in terms of infrastructure, and all, lack of doctors as the doctors seldom agree to provide their services in remote tribal areas. Though India tribal care trust has improved the situation to some extent, the majority of the task is left undone.

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