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Social Responsibilities of India Tribal Care Trust

Taking care of every citizen of the country is a fundamental responsibility of a welfare state like India. However, the governance methods in India are not smooth and flawless and that is why all the people in the country do not get similar advantages of the government welfare programs. The tribal people are the worst affected at the moment.  Though many welfare programs are being initiated by the central and state governments, the people in the tribal areas are yet to get the benefits.


To ease the process and to bring some kind of respite for the tribal people, the governments have involved India Tribal Care Trust, an NGO that works for the upliftment of the tribal people living in various states in India, including Assam, Jharkhand, Tripura, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh. Quite understandably, each non-government organization cooperates with the governments to get their support to implement various social welfare programs that are intended to benefit the tribal people.


The NGOs as well as India Tribal Care Trust need to understand the social responsibilities. To be very specific, this organization is well aware of those responsibilities. Have a look at a few of those social responsibilities that India Tribal care Trust (ITCT) is bound to meet:


Fighting Illiteracy:

Probably, illiteracy has been a prominent reason for the backwardness of the tribal people across India. The organization ITCT has been working in a few states, like Tripura, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, and West Bengal have been fighting really hard against it.  Apart from creating school buildings, pathshalas in the remote areas, this NGO is also working to appoint teachers in these schools. The task is really tough as teachers are often not ready to reach those remote areas to teach the students.


Fighting Against Superstitions:

The experts consider this as an end product of illiteracy. It is difficult to eradicate this social evil as the tribal people are quite habituated to these. Still, the India Tribal Care Trust is coming up with some concrete ideas that are sure to yield some results sooner or later. One must be optimistic about it!


Providing Health Services:

Here, the problems are similar to those of providing education. The remote tribal areas do not have any infrastructure for health services. The number of health units is very poor. Additionally, finding doctors in the available health centers is even more difficult.  In recent years, the Government of India has come up with some stern decisions about making doctors available in these health centers. The situation may get better in the time to come.


Providing Employment:

It is yet another monstrous issue that is proving to be very difficult to overcome. People in these areas are based on agriculture but they often do not get the real benefits of agricultural progress.  Still, the Tribal Development Programs In India have some special measures that encourage small-scale industries to work well for the tribal people. The cottage industries are also productive alternatives that are sure to impact the lifestyle of the tribal people in the time to come. Here, the charitable trust for tribal community ITCT is showing the path to other organizations that are working in different states.


Providing Shelter:

Without a doubt, the task is very difficult. However, the central government and the respective state governments are doing well here. They are building houses in the tribal areas and allocating them to the families for no cost at all. Various programs are being launched to provide shelter to the tribal people. Obviously, NGOs like ITCT are playing a very pivotal role here.


The Bottom Line:

When it comes to uplifting the lifestyle of the people in tribal areas, registered NGO for tribal welfare India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) has been working really well to ensure tribal development. Though the initiatives have been delayed, the torchbearers are going great guns!

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