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Tribal Upliftment Initiative – Goals Of India Tribal Care Trust

A common belief about post-independence India says that the advantages of independent India have not reached equally among all sections of the Indian society. Such a belief is not baseless and that you can prove by the reports served by India Tribal Care Trust. The tribal people along with the people listed in the schedule categories are the worst affected. The tribal people live in some parts of the country and they have been the most deprived part of the population. Thus tribal community upliftment is one of the most important initiatives we must take seriously.


To better their socio-economic condition, the India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) has come up with clear goals and objectives. These objectives directly aim at bringing the advantages of all the welfare programs initiated by the central and state governments. Some of the clear goals of this initiative are as follows:


Social Equality:

It is the first and foremost objective for which the India Tribal Care Trust has been working with great sincerity. The organization is doing everything possible to create programs and manage funds for them so that the programs become successful. Here, bringing the advantages of social equality to every tribal community is the solitary target for trust.


Education For All:

Illiteracy has been a major reason for the backwardness of the tribal people. The rate of literacy is very poor among them no matter which state they live in. The social activists related to the India Tribal Care Trust believe that lack of political readiness is one major reason that prevented the tribal masses to get the right education. Though the tribal areas have schools, they do not have proper staff and infrastructure. The trust is now working with the utmost sincerity to provide all the necessary infrastructure and staff to these schools just to ensure the right education for tribal students.

Child education for tribals in India ; India Tribal Care Trust


It is yet another area where the India Tribal Care Trust has been working with the utmost honesty for tribal upliftment initiatives. Though the task is not that easy, the activists are working with great dedication to come up with robust solutions to this problem. They are focusing on launching self-employment schemes for the tribals so that the people should do something to earn their livelihood. In that case, they would not need to depend on others for their earnings.


Women Empowerment:

Strengthening the position of women has been a great program initiated by the government. Though the tribal women are still deprived of these government projects. The officials associated with the India Tribal Care Trust NGO are optimistic about getting the advantages. They are supported by a number of other NGOs and government organizations to meet their objectives. Right from education for women to find the best employment opportunities for the tribal women, the ITCT has been working rather hard these days.


Creating Harmony Among the Tribal People:

With the spread of education, the task seems to be very difficult if not impossible. The recent activities of the ITCT aim at making people aware of their rights, duties, and responsibilities. The ITCT is successful in creating a strong awareness among the people, especially the women.


The Bottom Line:

Rising above all types of social and economical barriers, the India Tribal Care Trust in India has been working in a great fashion to the upliftment and to bring the real advantages of independence of the country to the most deprived community – the Tribals. The trust is working in close cooperation with tribal care and welfare organizations, working under the respective departments of state and the central government in Delhi.


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