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Jayapataka Swami , ISKCON Tribal Care

Jayapataka Swami Maharaj a topped from St.John’s academy andaccepted admission into Brown University. Later he joined ISKCON as acelibacy monk and in over 4 decades touched thousand of lives. He isthe main inspiration for the India Tribal Care Trust.

Bhakti Purusotttama Swami Tribal Care

Mahesh Chandra Pattanayak widely known as Bhakti Purusottam Swami joined ISKCON to serve society at the young age of 20. For a long he has been working for the upliftment of santal, sabar, lodha, munda tribes of West Bengal, Odisha, and also different tribal communities of the North East. At the age of 62, he took the lead to create India Tribal Care Trust a charitable trust for the welfare of the tribals of India and spread the tribal welfare activities across India. With the inspiration of HH JPS he founded ITCT in the year 2016 and served as Founder chairman of the trust.

Bhakti Vijay Bhagvat Swami

Since day one of the formation of India Tribal Care Trust, Byomkesh Bag, a Science graduate is working for the tribals of West Bengal at the grassroots level. He is known as HH Bhakti Vijay Bhagavat Swami Maharaj and he is one of the founder trustees. He extensively travels to North Bengal and to Purulia to support the tribals in socio-economic development activities.

Sridham Govinda Das

A science student from Utkal University, born in an orthodox brahmin family of Odisha he took a challenge to serve the tribals from early college days and traveled across the length and breadth of India. After spending more than 3 decades serving as a monk, he came forward to help MC Pattanayak and formed the trust.

He is leading the tribal care project in Tripura & Odisha. It was his efficiency in cracking a deal between the Education Dept. of the Tripura government & ITCT which helped ITCT get government schools that were closed or on the brink of closure, which ITCT renovated and reopened and are now running successfully.

ISKCON Tirupati Temple President

M G Ramesh alias Revathi Raman Das, a Bachelor of Engineering fromUniversity of Bangalore worked with Multinational Company Micointernational in his earlier days. He came to ISKCON in 1988 and servedas GM for Goloka Incense which he made famous all over India. Since1996 he is serving as the temple president of ISKCON Tirupati.

Gauranga Prabhu Tribal Care

A graduate from IIT Bombay, Gauranga das (Aka Krishnaiyer Anand) is serving as the Director of the Govardhan Ecovillage (GEV), founded by Radhanath Swami in the tribal area of Palghar district. GEV is a recepient of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Award and is accredited to UN bodies as UNEP, UNECOSOC and UNCCD.

Devakinandan Das India Tribal Care Trust

Devakinandan Das alias Ramesh Kumar Singh born in 1961 in a village in the state of Bihar in the family of a farmer. He joined ISKCON in his teens in 1976 and currently serves as Zonal Secretary in ISKCON. Inspired and having compassionate heart to serve the Tribal communities, he took a special initiative to start Tribal Care activities in the most backward tribal class in Talasari , Palghar, India since 2012. and rural development program in Kanpur North India.

image.pngIndia Tribal Care Trust

Akshay Ramachandra Das alias Abhishel Baid is an advocate practicing in West Bengal, India & is the Chief Legal Officer of ISKCON’s World Headquarters at Mayapur. Akshay has expertise in Indian Property Laws, West Bengal Land laws, taxation of charities and intellectual property laws and he influences strategies and general policies to protect charitable institutions and their properties in Mayapur and Eastern India. He was responsible for consolidation of ISKCON's properties in Mayapur. He and Bhakti Purusottama Swami together conceived the idea of this Tribal Trust in a simple room in Mayapur

India Tribal Care Trust

Chaitanya Reang Being a tribal from the Reang Community of Tripura, he played an important role in tribal welfare work in his own state and later jointed India Tribal Care Trust to work for the tribals across India.

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